Natural disasters like floods can be devastating to homes and businesses, causing significant damage to property and disrupting people’s lives. Here in New Zealand, we are no strangers to such occurrences, and it is not uncommon for us to experience severe flooding from time to time.

The Government is providing a further interim emergency relief package for regions hit by Cyclone Gabrielle and the January floods.

  • $250 million to help Waka Kotahi and local councils to assess and fix roads
  • $50 million to deliver interim emergency business and primary sector support
  • Inland Revenue support including interest write-offs, tax concessions for donated trading stock and an extension of R&D Tax Incentive filing deadline

This support comes on top of a range of assistance provided to people and businesses via:

  • Mayoral Relief Funds: $3.35 million has been dispersed in the Tairāwhiti, Hawke’s Bay, Thames-Coromandel and Auckland regions, with further requests expected
  • Civil Defence Payments: More than $28.4 million of Civil Defence Payments have been made to approximately 57,000 people
  • The Primary Sector Response: An initial $4 million has been made available through MPI
  • Community and Social support: A $11.5 million package for NGOs and community groups to provide immediate support
  • Initial support for the Upper North Island flooding: An initial $5 million business support fund for those largely in Auckland affected by the floods in January

As a construction company in New Zealand, we recently had the opportunity to work on a project that involved repairing a flood-affected house. The damage was extensive, and the homeowners were understandably distressed, but we were determined to do our best to restore their home to its former glory.
Our first step was to assess the extent of the damage and develop a plan of action. We had to be careful to identify all the areas that needed repairs, including water damage, structural damage, and others. We worked closely with the homeowners to ensure that we were addressing all of their concerns and that they were comfortable with the work we were proposing.

Once we had a plan in place, we set about repairing the flood-damaged house. We had to remove any waterlogged materials, repair or replace any structural elements that had been compromised, and thoroughly clean and disinfect the affected areas.
The repairs took several weeks to complete, and we worked closely with the homeowners throughout the process to ensure that they were happy with the progress. We also made sure to keep them informed of any unexpected issues or delays that arose, so they always knew what was going on.
Despite the challenges, repairing the flood-affected house was a satisfying and rewarding experience. We were able to help the homeowners get their lives back on track and restore their home to a safe and comfortable living environment. It is always gratifying to know that our work can make a real difference in people’s lives.

In conclusion, as a construction company, we understand the importance of responding quickly and efficiently to natural disasters such as floods. We are committed to providing quality repairs and restoration services to homeowners in New Zealand, helping them recover from the devastating effects of natural disasters. If you find yourself in need of flood repair services, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re here to help.